Printable PDF: Versus Glass Finish



Iron Oxide pigments, marble aggregate and fillers dispersed in a pure acrylic emulsion.


Solvent Type – Water

% Volume Solids – 68% ± 2

% Mass Solids – 82% ± 2


Theoretical Spreading Rates

4kg/ m² – Paste

8Kg / m² – Glass


The figures above are indicative and subject to applicator skill, substrate type and condition. Actual spread rates must therefore be determined by the applicator.


Solvent for Cleaning



Shelf Life and Storage

12 months in unopened containers. Store in a cool dry place


Material Handling and Safety

Versus Glass Chip & Versus Glass Chip Paste is non-hazardous and non-toxic; however the chemicals contained in the formula are irritants to mucous tissue. If the product gets into eyes wash with copious amounts of clean water. Do not induce vomiting if swallowed. Consult a physician if swelling or irritation persists.


Technical Data

  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Available in any colour
  • Non-hazardous & non-toxic
  • Trowel application
  • Environmentally and user friendly.



All of the coatings must be applied to a smooth, non-friable dry surface.

Surfaces must be prepared in accordance to SABS ISO 1514:1193 prior to the application of Versus Wall coatings. New walls must be cleaned and freed from any oil or gypsum. Corners and edges must be well defined. Prime surfaces with Versus Plaster Primer and fill all large holes and deep cracks with suitable filler to match existing surface.


 Drying Times

Drying times 25º C / 65% RH

Surface Dry: 4 hours

Hard Dry:  24 hours

Overcoating: 12 hours

Fully Cures: 20-25 days

Note: Drying time will increase with decreasing temperatures.

Approximately 10°C decrease = double drying time